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We will live out any solutions
for your business

20 years experience of IT development

Your advantages if order
our software

We will solve any task on software development, implementation and integration. It is important for us
that each IT product is denial-stable, able to scale according your needs and has flexible architecture for
possible refinement. Our software functions stably in various enviroments and on devices of various types.

Development technologies

We use the cascade and flexible methodologies,
based on each project's specialties


DevOps approach — our key tool for development of
fail safe and competitive software

Thanks to control systems
Chef and Ansible we:

Automated the building

Accelerated the process of updating products

Carry out continuous monitoring of
information systems in real time

Auto test

Regression tests are 100% automated
software development

GUI test

Integration test

API test

TDD test

Test case

We test

Web interfaces

API clients

Separate software modules

Integration and logic

CRM and EPR systems

Private corporate systems

Our projects

order landing turn key VDcards

Electronic loyalty system to expand the client base and retain the regular customers. This is mobile application is for shops' clients and management of loyalty programme for business with electronic discount cards and flexible rate system.

web site development SQ Leasing

Finance account system for leasing companies. SQ Leasing automates many business-processes of the company: planning, analytics, budgeting, adminnistrative expenses accounting, multi-currency accounting, exchange rate forecast, e-document flow.

application development CaduCloud

Cloud platform «Caduceus» for integration of business-processes with FSIS «Mercury» in accordance with 243-FA. Platform «Caduceus» automates the interaction between company's CIS and и FSIS «Mercury» and allows business to work with hundreds of thousands of eVSD daily.

application development Bahus

Alcohol mark account system for retail. It sends the data from corporate information system of client to USAIS online.

db development SQ

Web service for project work as: for tasking, for task implementation control and employee reports. Program interface is intuitively comprehensible, supprots multu languages. It has the possibility to form the reports of various complexity levels. Full integartion with e-mail, ICQ, Skype.

order information system development Hourly

Easy-to-use service that allows each employee to account one's working time on one's own. With this programme administrators can unload month reports per employee and estimate one's work effectiveness and the amount of working hours to calculate the wage correctly.

information portals VD+

Framework to create dApps, block chain platform for dApps and to perform decentralized applications based on smart contract and block chain technology.

Technologies we use

Work stages


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