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IT-OUTSOURCING, to solve any task for your business anywhere in the world

Outsourcing areas which we service

Software development and integration

If you need EPR/CRM-system, integrated data base or finished product audit — we are ready to help you with it in the short term.


We create software according to DevOps principle: routine processes maximal automation and cost reduction for cient.


For more than 20 years we develop software

40 specialists will solve any need or yours in software creation, implementation and service

Why we need autotest

Three reasons to order our outsourced autotest:

Outsource web-site development

You can launch your own web-site
independently of your company resources
and keep it working.

Whom outsource web-site development and support suits?

For companies without IT-department

For companies which do not want
to deal with resource support

For companies who want to find
web-site development professionals
quickly and without unnecessary overspending

Outsource landing development

We create landings for business in Russia, CIS and Europe,
а любые договоренности по проектам закрепляем документально.
setting down all project arrangements in writing.
Minimum empty rethoric, maximum project impact.

Does your company need new web-site or landing?

Don't waste your time on looking for employees — call us and start work on web-site right now

Mobile development

Oreder mobile application development and get new client traffic channel.

We create mobile applications for
online stores, corporate apps,
loyalty systems with e-discount

You can order mobile app development
for iOS and Android, with original design and
technical project or entrust it
toour team.

Retail applications

Individual post release modifications

Autotest and service

Process stages

Start outsourcing — it is easy and affordable even for small business

Outsourcing economizes your time and money

Have never worked with outsourcing? Contact us to get first consultation and your project analysis

Get a free consultation

Our guarantees

Our projects


E-system to broaden the client base and hold regular customers. It is mobile application for shoppers and loyalty programme management for business with e-discount cards and flexible rate plan system.

financial accounting systemSQ Leasing

SQ Leasing - financial accounting system for leasing companies. SQ Leasing automates lots of company business-processes: planning, analytics, budgeting, administrative expences accounting, multi currency accounting, currency forecast, electronic documentation.

Cloud platform CaduceiCaduCloud

Cloud platform Caducei ("caduceus") integrates company business process with Mercury federal state information system of territorial planning, according 243 federal legislation. Platform Caducei automates client's CIS and Mercury system interaction and allows to process hundreds of thousands e-VADs daily.

system for retailBahus

Alcohol brand accounting system for retail. It provides online the data from corporate information system to Unified State Automated Information System.

Web-service for project workSQ

Web-service for project work, e.g. tasking, task control and employee reporting. Programme interface is easy to use and supports multiple languages. It is possible to form the reports of various complexity. System is integrated with e-mail, ICQ, Skype.

easy to use serviceHourly

Pochasovka ("hourly") - easy to use service, to each employee to account one's working time personally. Programme allows administrators to unload monthly report by employee, evaluate work efficiency and amount of working hours to calculate wage correctly.

Technologies we use

Work process is based on the most effective development methodologies:

Teams and scopes

Still any question?
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